Batman Begins: Discussion Questions

In our Faith & Film forums we usually organized some good discussion questions that help us better think about the worldviews of the films we are watching and interact with the culture. This is by no means exhaustive but we hope that it will be of some help.

Discussion Questions

  1. Is Batman a hero? (Vigilante)
  2. What is the definition of a hero? How should we perceive heroes?
  3. Is Batman a true, selfless hero? Where is Batman flawed?
  4. What motivates Bruce Wayne? What is he after?
  5. How does the film portray acts of vengeance?
  6. What is the difference between justice and vengeance?
  7. Is justice something we should desire?
  8. Ra’s Al Ghoul, Batman, and Bruce Wayne’s father all have varying answers to the problem of injustice in the world. Is any of them right?
  9. Is Gotham worth saving? In other words, does Gotham deserve saving? (Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah)
  10. Is Batman obligated to save Gotham? Does Gotham deserve Batman?
  11. Batman at one point repeats what Rachel had told him earlier, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”  Is this true? Why or why not?
  12. Why do comic book characters resonate with us? What do we see in them that attracts us?
  13. Is there a metaphor of the Gospel in this film?
  14. How could you use this movie as a bridge to the Gospel?

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