Faith and Film Returns!

Faith and Film

Greetings from the Faith and Film Team,


Anyone who has happened by our website recently has probably realized (and been possibly disappointed) that the Faith & Film blog has been inactive lately. While going through exciting transitions, we were forced to take a hiatus from writing and have not posted any articles for a period. However, now that those transition are effectively underway, I am thrilled to be able to announce that the Faith & Film team will resume its mission of writing movie reviews once more. Before we begin posting our articles, however I wanted take a moment to recast the vision for this website.

A blog devoted to discussing faith and movies is not a new concept by any means, so why should we take our time to work on another one? This question, many readers most likely have, needs to be answered before the Faith & Film team can consider its investments as worthwhile, and the answer I wish to provide can be wrapped up in one simple phrase: engaging the modern mythology.


Human beings have never been a race that can (as a general trend) simply accept life unquestioningly. They have always sought ways in which they could make sense out of the world in which they lived. And one of the most meaningful ways that they seemed to have found to do so was through story; more particularly, through myth. Beginning with ancient mythologies, flowing through the medieval era with its knights’ tales and epic poetry, and into the period of romanticism and fairy tales, mankind has attempted to explain their world through mythology. The modern era has not escaped this pattern, though he may have lost some of the artistry at times. Modern man is still attempting to create stories and mythology that help him make sense out of the world he lives in. And these stories are what became movies. This is not to say every movie does it well, but many movies are an attempt by modern man to seek answers to question such as morality, romance (oh yes, even the Rom-com might have its place), and identity. And if this innate desire in man is there, it should be addressed.


This is the vision of the Faith & Film blog. As we review movies, we will primarily seek to draw out the questions that movies are asking about life and reality, and secondarily to engage the answers they are providing. In the process, we hope to do two things. 1) To open up dialogue between the questioning man and the answers of faith. And 2) to equip and train people to be able to notice these questions as they actively engage movies and attempt to open up their own dialogue. Therefore, even though there is nothing particularly special about our contributors, our team will aims to stand out by being devoted to this particular task of engaging the particular questions. This task will be the defining mark of this blog, which will guide our task.


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